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Enter Website:

SEO – Your Secret Weapon for a Successful Web Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimisation, abbreviated SEO, is the process performed on a Website to attract the maximum number of visitors from the search engines such as,, and This means more Website traffic and hence more buying customers and therefore sales for the Website owner.

Search engine robots are programs that frequently spider your Website to discover its content to determine if your site will satisfy the needs of its customers who are web searchers. If the search engine decides that your site is relevant to the searcher’s interests it will direct traffic to your site. These visitors will then read your articles and watch your videos, then decide what action they will take.

Among the actions that your Website visitors can take our: subscribe to your newsletter to receive regular updates about your products and services, submit a request for further information about your services, obtain your contact details and call you by telephone or visit your place of business, or make a purchase right there on your Website using a credit card. But how will your business be affected by this rapidly changing Internet technology?

Why has SEO become so important to your business? How is search engine optimisation performed on a Website? What are some of the advantages in using SEO to generate traffic to your company’s Website? And what are its disadvantages?

Why SEO Has Taken on Greater Importance

Over the past decade, use of the Internet has grown phenomenally. There are now some 2 billion Internet users worldwide and the numbers are distributed as follows:

Australia – 21 million, the Middle East – 62 million, Africa – 111 million, Latin America and the Caribbean – 205 million, North America – 265 million, Europe – 470 million and Asia – 830 million.

As of June 2011 the number of Websites on the Internet reached about 355 million and of the 2 billion Internet users worldwide reflect an annual increase of 14%! Why are these facts important to your business?

The fact is that more than 85% of your customers are surfing the Internet. Among other things, they use it to gather information in order to make decisions on products and services that they will purchase. In fact, it is a well-known truth that more than 80% of purchases are made after a search on the Internet is conducted.

Now, among the 350 million Websites present on the Internet are those sites belonging to your competitors. Clearly then, your having a meaningful presence online is vital to the success of your business. Indeed, nowadays, customers expect a business to have a web presence. Not having such a presence is almost like not having a telephone!

Since SEO is responsible for getting prospects to find your Website on the Internet, how does it work?

How SEO Works to Get Your Website Found

There are two fundamental aspects to SEO – on page optimisation and off page optimisation.

Basically, every web page is made up of content in the form of articles, videos and audio messages, photo images and graphical elements all of which supply information that your prospects are searching for.

Therefore on page optimisation consists of setting up this content in such a way as to make it attractive to the search engines. For example, the title of an article on your web page has to be prominently displayed and it should contain the keyword for which your prospect is searching. This enables the search engine to determine that your web page is relevant to the searcher’s interests.

Additionally, the keyword phrase that searchers type into the search engine must appear on your web page to indicate relevance. Important words must also be emphasized by underlining, bolding and italicizing. These are all examples of on page optimisation.

On the other hand, off page optimisation involves action taken on other Websites that affect your site. This consists mainly of having backlinks on those sites pointing to your Website. Setting up these links is called backlinking. But why is backlinking so important?

When a trusted and highly ranked Website has a link pointing to your site, the search engines view this as a vote of confidence and popularity for your Website. Logically, the more back links that point to your site, the higher its ranking will be and the more traffic you will get from the search engines. The activity of getting as many links as possible pointing to your Website for a particular keyword is what off page optimisation is all about.

Among the methods used to carry out off page optimisation are social bookmarking, RSS marketing, video marketing, article marketing, directory link submission, press releases and pod casting, to name only a few.

As you can already appreciate, search engine optimisation is an extensive field that has the potential to drive lots of targeted traffic to your Website, thus increasing your sales and profits.

Advantages of SEO

As business owners, we find that one of the ongoing challenges is to awaken customers’ interest in our products and services. But when a customer finds you on the Internet it means that they have come looking for you! Those are the best kinds of customers! This is truly traffic of the highest quality because it is targeted, searching for exactly what you have to offer.

What makes it even more valuable is the fact that all this targeted search engine traffic is delivered to you free of charge. It is often described as organic traffic. Furthermore, marketing on the Internet can take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yes, even while you sleep!

A competent SEO company can provide all the support and consultation that you’ll need in Sydney, Australia – covering such diverse areas as link baiting, video marketing,
social media marketing, SEO web design, ecommerce SEO, local SEO and other advanced SEO strategies.

The growing prominence of the Internet in people’s lives today as the information superhighway as well as its global scope makes it a powerful marketing tool that cannot be ignored. And SEO is the scientific discipline that will give you the most cost effective access to quality targeted Website traffic.

As the Yellow Pages telephone book quickly becomes a relic of a bygone era, and as more and more people continue to ‘Google it’, SEO will continue to be the method of choice for businesses to find new customers and increase their sales to existing clients.

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