Welcome to the SEO Company!

SEOCompany is a digital marketing agency specialising in Australian SEO for the Google Search engine.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Hamann and I am the founder of SEOCompany. Within this company lies my true mission in life as well as my short-term objectives. You see, although I am a digital marketing professional with extensive experience in the world of SEO, my true passion is empowering people to live a sustainable, independent life. As a result, I decided to fuse the two into one company with an ultimate goal of empowering 10.000 entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses that can provide a full time income for them and their families.

Why Choose SEOCompany.net.au For Your Online Marketing?

You should choose us, simply because we are all about collaboration and team effort. After all, we are a team that includes writers, graphic designers, web designers, analytics geeks, coders, link builders and strategists. As a team, we don’t simply specialise in optimising web pages but optimising our team and business processes as well. We work in a collaborative manner, using well-defined tactics to make sure our work meets or exceeds your highest expectations.

Whether it is individually or collectively, we have a long track record of ranking web-pages for some of the most competitive keywords on the Internet by using superior strategies and applying tried and tested science to rank web pages safely, sustainably and effectively.

Let’s Place YOUR Business At The Top Of Search Engines

After helping countless online businesses across a wide range of industries, including finance, automotive and insurance, we are more than ready to help you ignite your current business, accelerate your growth and boost your income. We are determined to help you out regardless of your location in the world or the complexity of the project you have in mind. From optimising your AdWords campaigns to making sense of your Google Analytics and everything in-between, our SEO services might be the difference between running a business and owning a successful enterprise.

Having said that, you should know that we are not so much interested in fleeting, one-time clients but rather in establishing meaningful relations with our clients, taking their business to the next level and then beyond that. As long as you will have us, we will continue to pursue your business’s ultimate success.

Thank you for choosing us and entrusting your company’s future in our hands.

Mission Statement

Our mission and core values have remained constant since the day SEOCompany began; to grow our business by helping 5000 clients grow their businesses in over 300 cities and towns throughout Australia.

If we can provide these entrepreneurs with the means and tools to build a sustainable business and provide a full income for them and their families, we will consider our mission complete.


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