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Our Content Creation services drive website traffic, improve conversions and improve website rankings within Google. This results in more sales, profit, and website traffic.

Are you looking for intelligent and creative writers that will research topics, address pain points and engage with your audience?

By partnering with us, you will get more than just SEO content. We work hard to develop content with purpose, we want our message to serve the readers and deliver a long lasting positive impact on your brand.  

We spend time to clearly understand your unique style so the content we produce flows seamlessly with your website and brand identity. Before we begin writing your content we take time to understand the goals and message being communicated.

Our Content Creation Process

  1. A project manager will be assigned to assist during the whole process to ensure work is completed on spec and within the scheduled deadline.
  2. The project manager will have a brief meeting with you to clarify content goals and messaging.
  3. The project manager will then brief the most qualified writer according to industry experience to your content project.
  4. Once the writer completes the first draft, it will be sent to you for approval.
  5. The writer will then update the article until you are happy.
  6. Once the article is approved it will be forwarded back to you ready for publication.

Benefits of our Content Writing Service

  • Specialists in multiple marketing fields assisting with strategy and best practice,  improving content quality and audience reach.
  • Graphic designers available to add more meaning to your content
  • Journalists are available for high end articles and greater audience reach.
  • Social media consultants will share your content to reach relevant readers and drive more traffic
  • Our SEO experts will make sure the content is optimised for onpage SEO best practices. This will help your content reach higher search engine positions for more traffic, leads and sales.
  • Project manager will ensure work is of high quality and delivered according to specifications ontime.

What to expect from our writing service

  • Plagiarism free content. All content is unique.
  • High quality content written by native english writers
  • Spell checked and grammar checked content

Write Service FAQ

Why should I setup a blog for my website?

Creating a blog on your website provides a simple way to add weekly content to capture greater market share. Statistically blogs increase website traffic and potential customers will remember your brand, becoming more likely to buy your service when the time comes to needing it.

How long does it take to complete a article writing project?

This will mostly depend on your the word count, topic difficulty, research time required and your business goals. We aim to complete all content within 2 weeks.

What guarantee is there with your content writing service?

We guarantee, error free, researched unique content. Our goal is to make our clients happy and will adjust the content until it meets your needs.

What differentiates you from other content writing services?

Our firm, SEOCompany.net.au, implements a proven content strategy that is unique. We compose content that incorporates, long tail keywords, trending topics, customer pain points and a company end goal. We have yet to find a company that delivers this kind of research and comprehensive detail to their writing.  

Will my business retain all copyright ownership of the content created?  

Yes. Once we complete your order, the content becomes yours entirely. We will not claim ownership of the content that we have created for you.

Do u offer more than blog writing?

Yes. We provide marketing services to increase the online exposure of your content. This includes SEO, social media marketing and PPC advertising. If you would like to speak with one of our experienced marketing managers please request a call back.


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Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

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