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Our national SEO service improves website rankings within Google. This results in more sales, profit, and website traffic.

What is National SEO?

National SEO is a type of search engine optimisation strategy designed specifically for businesses targeting customers throughout an entire country. This includes multiple cities and focuses on keywords with or without geo locations within the search phrase. Most often national SEO campaigns are more difficult than local SEO. The reason being the types of keywords a national business will be trying to rank for will produce more lucrative traffic volumes and therefore have a greater number of competing websites. 

Today, the world is completely dependent on the Internet, thereby making an SEO strategy the focus of your business marketing campaigns. SEOCompany.net.au is a National SEO service with several years of experience in handling SEO tools. We can assist you tremendously in enhancing the national position of your business.

Importance of SEO Strategy

If your business webpage does not come up high as far as keywords or related phrases are concerned, it makes it difficult for customers to locate your product or service, despite its high quality. Here is where SEOCompany.net.au can help you, as we have the necessary expertise and have tried out various strategies, enabling us to customize and pick out one that suits your business best. We can thus help you convert money spent on marketing into business revenue.

Content is King

Google has made changes to its Hummingbird Algorithm, making the phrase ‘Content is King’ more true than ever before. The old methods of keyword targeting have undergone drastic changes and we at SEOCompany.net.au use a strategy that focuses on content, so that your website offers content that is high on quality and consistently remains on the top of search results.

Quality Trumps Quantity

SEOCompany.net.au ranks among the top national SEO services and we fully and firmly stand by quality rather than quantity. The search engine has evolved over the years and it focuses more on the quality of the backlinks on your webpage, rather than the quantity of backlinks. Our SEO service makes use of constantly evolving linking strategies and strives to update a strategy if it does not produce the desired results.

Expert Solutions

When customers have the option to select a business based on their requirement, you should also have the same options. While selecting an SEO company, you can trust SEOCompany.net.au to offer the best SEO strategies suitable for your business, thanks to our wide experience, which can impact your business in only the most positive and profitable manner.

We are well aware that budget is an important consideration for businesses, so we promise to ensure that every dollar that you spend will go towards generating revenue in turn. We are not in the business of spending your money towards unwanted or unnecessary aspects and will only focus on aspects that can bring a positive contribution to your business profits. Our marketers are consistently on the track of search engines and the social media websites, analyzing novel methods for increasing visits by potential customers to your website.

Helping you Up the Ladder

Your business goals are our business goals as well and our marketers will take utmost care to see that your marketing investment increases your product visibility among those who matter. We use proven strategies with respect to SEO as well as PPC methods, so you can rest assured that with SEOCompany.net.au on your side, your business is sure to move up the ladder of success.

This is a constantly evolving industry and you need to remain alert and ahead of the curve, so that your business gets a top national ranking. We understand the importance of online marketing and are here to help you to take the maximum benefit from it.

What We Do

On Page Strategies

We produce a unique, location targeted landing page for each of your products or services, using sub directories. These are small location sites having unique content that is geo targeted. This will result in several websites for one location with content differing to a certain extent. We acknowledge that this could increase the amount of website designing, but the upside to this strategy is that it is possible to establish a tangible connection between the service and the particular location that is to be targeted.

Off Page Strategies

It is comparable to a local SEO technique, though you need to claim all Google+ profiles. Google Places stipulates that businesses can opt for unique Google+ profiles for every business operating at a new or different address. This means that Google acknowledges the multiple locations of your business, as each of these locations has a unique PIN. It is an essential aspect of optimising your business prospects for various locations. By claiming the Google+ profile of each location, Google and other search engines will understand that you have multiple locations.

Chamber of Commerce Listing

This strategy is akin to the above Google Plus profile listing. Your business must ensure that all the separate locations have been listed with the Chamber of Commerce websites of that place. This is because Google, along with other search engines, get their information from these sites and it makes it obligatory to get listed in all the local Chamber of Commerce sites.

Unique Local Listings

In addition to creating unique Google+ listings and Chamber of Commerce listings for all locations, your business must also be listed with Yelp or Yellow Pages or other such local directories. Each of the businesses operating at different locations operates individually, so the listing must also be separate for all these locations. The added advantage to this strategy is that customers can send a particular review pertaining to that specific physical location and their experience in that location. It will also help managers of that region to assess the performance of different locations, based on the reviews of customers in that region.

Getting Started

To sum it up, SEOCompany.net.au offers time tested processes and techniques that will allow your business to get an edge over the competition. The results will contribute towards increasing your business profits. Our search engine optimisation services are suitable for all types of businesses, whether it is a small startup or a large corporation. Our marketing strategies will ensure that potential customers view your company or your webpage at the top of the search results. You will surely realise the importance of an effective online presence and how it can increase your business profits.

Take the next step and let our experts guide and take you from here. Contact SEOCompany.net.au now by and consult our experts to get you the exposure that you need on a global scale. We will help you put your business on the top of search results, thereby turning more potential customers your way.


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