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Our Onpage SEO services improves website rankings within Google. This results in more sales, profit, and website traffic.

What is Onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO is apart of the search engine optimisation process. Onpage SEO is also known as onsite SEO includes all the optimisation activities that happen on the domain a marketer is attempting to improve the search engine ranking for. For example, improving website content, title tags, image tags, internal linking and website navigation is all apart of the onpage SEO process.

Just a few years ago most websites solely relied on Meta content, robot text and sitemap for onpage SEO. However, recent updates but Google introduced a new series of onpage SEO recommendations. They include accelerated mobile pages (AMP) rich cards as well as a significant amount of schemas. Google has completely revolutionised onpage SEO. For instance, if your website is running on CMS like Wordpress, you will be required to update it to the latest versions of SEO plugins for quality results when doing onpage SEO optimisation. As reputable SEO firm, we have experts who will deliver quality on page SEO to increase organic traffic on your web pages.

Domain Level: Onpage SEO Strategies Implemented

There are various things that our team of experts will to do to improve SEO on domain level. They include:

  • Optimization of canonical URL

Since canonical URL are often regarded as duplicates URLs pointing to the same content. Google robots often mistake them as duplicate when crawling the site. That is not good for your onsite SEO. Our able onsite SEO experts will use their expertise to correctly identify canonical URLs that are seen as duplicate then use the right code to fix them. This will help prevent Google from penalizing your site.

  • Coming up with preferred domain

The domain that you choose should depend on the nature of your website. Our team will help you make the right decision on whether to choose http://, https:// or http://www.

  • Determining your target location

Are you wondering if your website should target international or country audience? Our experts will help you make the right decision based on the nature of your website.

  • Robot.txt optimization

Robot.txt should be well optimized for effective and smooth crawling by Google robots. Our able experts will help you create robots.txt, optimise and update it on a regular basis.

  • Optimizing XL sitemaps

We will generate, recreate or even optimize XML sitemaps for your site then submit them for crawling. As experts, we will ensure that the sitemaps are well optimized for smooth crawling.

  • 301 and 404 redirects 

We will create 404 error pages as well as redirect 301 for your site respectively.

  • Site structure

We will optimise URL and analyse your site structure and navigation to ensure that is meet the SEO standards.

  • Stand-alone pages

Our experts will analyse your website and remove all stand-alone pages.

  • Duplicate pages

We will correctly identify and remove all duplicate content

  • Google penalties

Our professionals will check manually for Google penalties and come up with way to remove them.

Website Level: Onpage SEO Strategies Implemented

Onsite SEO optimisation mainly focuses on mobile usability, responsiveness as well as loading time for mobile and desktop. According to recent regulations by Google, websites that have slow loading speed will be penalised. This means that loading speed plays a crucial in website ranking. Our team of experts will carefully analyse the speed of your website on both desktop and mobile. If it is slow, they will optimise it effectively to improve loading speed. We will also check to see if you website is responsive to mobile platform and its compatibility with other devices. Lastly our experts will analyse your site mobile usability then recommend changes that you need to implement to get high usability index score.

Page Level: Onpage SEO Strategies Implemented

This is the most important part of SEO. Onpage SEO will allow crawlers to find, crawl, index and show pages of your site on search engine research pages. This is very important because it means that all your pages should be optimised using the latest SEO standards.

All page level optimisation should include Meta content from the start to the end. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough research with the use of top keyword research tools to identify the right keywords that will help improve your ranking. They will also create and optimise Meta content based on targeted keyword and optimise content image and multimedia with the right keywords and tags. Our proven experts will also identify any scripts that may be preventing search engine crawlers from accessing any web pages and fix these errors.

Schema integration is also very important for onpage SEO and our experts will ensure your pages follows the universally accepted code. Other important things that our experts will focus on include outbound link optimisation with no follow tag as well as optimising content with appropriate keyword density.

If you are running an online business and you want to stay competitive, hiring our services and will ensure your web pages rank of first page of Google search engine results. We have a team of experts who are will skilled and knowledgeable and ready to give their all to improve your website’s ranking.


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Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

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