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Our Onsite SEO Audit service improves website rankings within Google. This results in more sales, profit, and website traffic.

Today, the number of internet users has grown to over 3,174 million globally. That is very encouraging to most online business holders. The number of internet users in the United States alone is over 201.6 million and the country ranks as the second worldwide. However, to facilitate the growth of your online business, your aim should be to attract more people.

As online business website auditors, we work to help you increase your customers by inspecting your web pages and some other aspects including tracking and navigation. The audit is not limited to Accounting and Finance.

About online business website audits

Website auditing involves more than over-viewing website links. As professional auditors, we dig into all website aspects systematically. Thorough online business website auditing plays a crucial role in creating a website that is user-friendly for every visitor. After the audit, your website should:

- Allow efficient navigation

Navigation is a significant problem in the online business world. Statistics show that around 44% of internet users complain about website navigation problems. If you are expecting more returns on your investment, you should ensure that your business website is easier to navigate.

- Accessibility through mobile devices

Smartphones have separated a large number of people from their personal computers. Actually, smartphones and mobile devices share around 39% of web traffic. Therefore, website auditors will ensure that your website is friendly to mobile devices.

- Stronger content

A technical website auditor will check various things such as the average time a visitor remains on the site, bounce rates and the pages views. That is extremely important in improving the search engine indexing. What’s more, people will always come back to your website if the content is of high quality. By auditing your content, we will help you identify the type of content your visitors want, and the right way to present it (in the form of videos, images or text). We will help you develop a strong content strategy that will help you land on the first page of the major search engine’s ranking.

- Visitors tracking

There are several reasons on why you need to monitor your website visitors properly on a daily basis. By monitoring them, you will identify the regular visitors, the new visitors and those who make purchases. Proper tracking will also help you know the location of your visitors.

Does my website need auditing?

Alternatively, we can refer to a website as the “online appearance.” That means that all the content you have placed on the internet should be visible to as many individuals as possible. Therefore, there are no reasons as to why you should not engage website auditors. Website auditors use strategies that have the potential of boosting web traffic by over 30% in less than 6 months.

How website auditing will help your business

Doubtlessly, our online business website auditing services will help your business in several ways. First, in addition to analyzing the imperfections, websites auditors also analyze the strengths of a website. Therefore, after they are through with their work, you will receive a report containing the website’s weaknesses and strengths.

Secondly, auditing is more than what an auditor thinks about the website – it is what your visitors will say about the website. Auditing can highly increase the profits of your online business. If you are experiencing any problem, contact us and we will work to solve it.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

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